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Industrial and Commercial Construction

Constructing from the Ground Up

Our team can help you on all fronts of a construction project; from permitting and civil engineering to fabrication, painting, coating, electric and carpentry. We’ve spent time building a large network of trusted vendors too, ensuring you get the right equipment and materials you need for your projects.    
We offer customized solutions that puts a primer on quality and flexibility. With our two 8,000 square foot facilities, we use cutting-edge technology to save you time and resources. We’re also proud to design and build the products you need and can travel to your worksite for installation. 
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Construction Management and Project Management

You should have a single source to take care of your entire project. That is why we provide you with a dedicated construction project manager who will work with you to ensure that consistent and clear communication is always at the forefront. From project start to completion, our outstanding customer service is our calling card.

Structural Steel Packages and Components

Our work extends into the public sector too, having completed work because of our structural steel expertise, including the design and manufacturing of staircases, handrails, and footbridges for public spaces including national parks and local municipalities. 

We offer full-service design and fabrication services for structural steel components and have completed millions of pounds of structural steel packages and jobs across North America. Our packages include: 

  • Handrails, Safety Ladders, Staircases
  • Liner Packages
  • Guarding & Safety Parts
  • Flanges And Gears
  • Chutes, Skirting, Enclosures
  • Conveyors, Screen Decks, Grizzlies, Grasshoppers
  • Custom Equipment Parts
  • Corporate Promotional Product
  • Structural Steel Packages